December 13, 2016

Becoming One with the Universe

When talking about being one with the universe it generally means congruence, collaboration and connection among people and it’s usually attained through the act of meditation. […]
November 26, 2016

Self-Esteem – What Really Goes On?

Finding the Root – Rain in the Forecast  Everything we do in life affects our self esteem, and vice versa. Whether it is divorce, health problems, […]
October 28, 2016

Anthropic Principle Explained

This presently prominent term in astronomy comes from the Greek word for man, anthropos. For any type of principle of science to be acceptable, there need […]
October 12, 2016

How to Balance Spirituality and Indulgence?

A great many people believe that with a specific end goal to be “spiritual” you have to cling to a very strict code of conduct. You […]