How to Balance Spirituality and Indulgence?

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October 1, 2016
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How to Balance Spirituality and Indulgence?

church-79376_640A great many people believe that with a specific end goal to be “spiritual” you have to cling to a very strict code of conduct. You have to strictly, abide by the specific set of rules if you want to achieve spirituality. It is acclaimed, that if you want to achieve enlightenment, then you have to be disciplined and fully committed to a certain set of principles.

Discipline is such an exceedingly respected trait in our society. Does it help us improve or make us more limited? Is there a point where discipline accomplishes more mischief than great? What about all those people who want to seek more joyful and satisfying life through spirituality? Should the very discipline be applied?

Indulgence is a thing you get pleasure from. There is a huge difference between indulgence and overindulgence. Indulgence can be life enhancing, but over-indulgence can be fatal. Over-indulgence is really dangerous to us as it is a kind of idolatry. It becomes something that takes us away from God. In addition, we try to seek happiness from it instead of God.

Some people are of the view that if one keeps oneself away from anything pleasurable and desirous, only then they become spiritual. Believing that all indulgences are equally harmful is a very unbalanced approach toward spirituality. Many religions support this belief that discipline and agonies make one a better spiritual being.

Have faith in balance. God never wants you to deny yourself happiness. He only wants you to deny following happiness in paltry. He only wants you to have a better happiness. To confine or deny yourself does not make you pretty much spiritual. You have to believe that we are here to experience life, not remove the delight from it since we pick a spiritual way. For example, if one has the passion for dancing, listening to music or spending time in nature while camping or hiking. Many spiritually minded people would not like this type of indulgence.

Does this indulgence make one less spiritual? Verily not! It only makes one someone who admires spirituality in everything. If one exhibits frustration or anger, does it make them less loving? Certainly not! We are all multi-faceted individuals with a variety of different emotions to be shown. One does not need to refrain from so-called “bad” emotions merely because they are not accepted by the worldly view of being a spiritual fellow. So, go ahead and dance.  Listen to your music.  Or grab your snorkel gear and head to the beach.

Our main message is this:  Stop wasting your time on things that don’t bring you closer to yourself and your spirituality.  If you want to play video games…play video games.  If you want to write a novel, then do that.  Everything in moderation (Ecclesiastes) but when you’re happier with you then you can be happier with your God.  It doesn’t matter that you can’t do something perfectly because God understands that.  However, being closer with God moves everyone one step closer to as close to perfection as any human being can be.  Only God can make you perfect through Jesus Christ…and you must accept that.

Regardless of how you lead your life, you are all spiritual being at your core. If you are not seeking after enlightenment, then make the most of your spiritual journey with a sound dosage of balance. Quit being critical to yourself since you have eaten two pieces of bread instead of one. You do not become less spiritual being if you follow your personal calling.


You merely have to keep these two simple rules in your mind:
  1. Harm nobody
  2. Spread harmony, love, and be a source of light

So, in your spiritual journey, never forget to follow your inner calling and anything that makes your heart sing. Remove the fears. The healthy and wonderful way of living is being balanced. The choice is all yours!

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