Prayer is the Best Way to Communicate with the Creator

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December 13, 2016
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January 31, 2017

Prayer is the Best Way to Communicate with the Creator

When people in the present day think about the notion of prayer they immediately become mired-down with the memories and aspects of their lives that make the act of prayer untenable, or at the least, wearisome.

Without the attachment of religious affiliation, prayer is simply the acknowledging of the possibility of the existence of elements outside of a person’s immediate sphere of experience.  Most people are bridled with stereotypical and abrasive mental pictures of prayer like the obedient child at his or her bedside at night, or monks in a line reciting liturgical passages.  The truth is, all cultures on the planet have their own unique form of what can be called prayer.

Prayer is the act of a terrestrial being using thought, speech, artistic expression and other consciously-constructed forms of action to connect with things perceived to be outside of physical reality.  The act of praying crosses all confines of culture, creed, mental capacity, experience and any other sort of limitation.  All people can pray in their own unique way.

Buddhists pray to the essence of the universe.  Muslims pray to Allah.  Christians pray to Christ.  Native Americans pray to the spirits of their ancestors and the creatures who inhabit the land.  Without the categorizing of cultures and their unique styles of prayer, an interesting commonality can be drawn between all of these people.

Before the act of praying, an internal decision must be made by an individual, no matter the culture or practice to choose to seek edification and awareness outside of the limited boundaries of the physical world.  All people who pray choose to seek deeper illumination about their existence and how to function in an obviously dysfunctional world.

If deities exist and are who they claim, then those who pray must “have faith” in their abilities to guide the course of reality.  The truly important division between people on planet earth is not indicated by region, religion, income, race or capacity for “success.”  The division is between those who rely solely on the function of the physical to reveal answers regarding life’s most difficult questions, and those who find it worthwhile to search for those answers on a higher plane.  However, wherever and to whomever a person prays is far less important than the individual deciding never to pray at all!

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