The Life and Work of the Apostle Paul

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February 12, 2017

The Life and Work of the Apostle Paul

A painting the Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul is considered the premiere Christian believer in all the history of this faith. It was the Apostle Paul who was credited with bringing Christianity to the world. While the other Apostles of Jesus Christ took the gospel out to various people of the world; Paul was able to present it to the nations whose influence would have a lasting impact in history. Rome, Greece and Israel are the three primary nations where Paul presented the gospel. The following material will provide insight into the life of the legendary Apostle Paul.

Paul’s Life before Christianity

Paul was born in Tarsus a region inside of modern day Turkey. His father was a Pharisee which was a prestigious priestly class in Israel. His mother was probably a Roman woman. Very little is known about his parents. Paul grew up a very well off individual during his day. He was a Roman citizen probably because of his mother and he was connected to the influential members of Israel’s society because of his father’s position.

Paul learned the art of tent-making when he was younger. He also was an educated Jewish man as well. Once again, his father probably sent him to school to get an education when he was growing up. He could speak Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Paul was an extremely educated man who understood philosophy, science and mathematics.

After Jesus Christ was persecuted on the cross, his followers began to spread his message in Israel and then to the rest of the world. Since Paul was Jewish and of the Pharisee tradition, he did not believe that Jesus was the Savoir of the Messiah that the Old Testament Prophets spoke about. So, like many other Jewish people of the day, he wanted to persecute the followers of Christ for spreading a false message.

Keep in mind that Paul’s original name was a Saul. He was known as a vigorous persecutor of God’s people. He had them killed for being heretics against the Jewish faith. Paul was greatly feared by many of the early Christians. This was proven after he was converted to Christianity. Many believers avoided Paul because they just were not sure if he was truly one of them.

Paul’s Conversion

In the biblical book of Acts 9, 22 and 26; Paul was traveling to Damascus to persecute some more Christians when Jesus Christ encountered him on the road. After this encounter, Paul was blinded. He then received his eyesight again from a believer named Ananias. After his sight was recovered he began to preach the message of Christ a few years later. He was truly transformed by this encounter with Jesus the Christ.

Paul’s Trials and Tribulations as a Believer

Paul went through a lot of pain and heartache once he became a Christian. He was shipwrecked, put into many situations where he nearly lost his life, was thrown in jail, was a fugitive on the run, bitten by poisonous snakes, attacked by angry mobs and even had one on one battles with demon possessed people and magicians. Yes, all of this happened in real life. However, regardless of his trials and tribulations; Paul was still able to effectively deliver the gospel of Christ to the world.

Paul’s Accomplishments as a Believer

The Apostle Paul ensured that the Christian faith was presented to the most powerful and influential people of his time. Shortly before he died, he even presented the gospel to a Roman emperor. That was no small feat.

Paul’s work as a Christian ensured that the message of Jesus Christ would be spread out to the gentiles (or non-Jewish believers) so that they could fulfill Jesus’s teachings. Christ had said that his message was for all men and not just the Jews.

Paul’s work had actually helped people outside of Jerusalem to believe that Jesus Christ had died for their sins and that he is the only way to God. Paul’s legacy still lives on today since many people still believe that Jesus is truly the Messiah of humanity.

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