How to Balance Spirituality and Indulgence?
October 12, 2016

What is Spiritual Growth?

rain-1570854_640Spiritual growth is a life-long process, that begins when one starts reading and applying God’s Word to one’s life. It is a process of exhibiting the acts of the body less and less and creating the fruit of soul more and more.

How spiritual growth can be seen?

If one is becoming more joyful and generous, more loving and kind, more selfless and self-controlled, etc., then one can be assured that spiritual growth has begun in one’s life. God works differently in different individuals. Some individuals grow at exponential rate, while others grow gradually and slowly. The focus should not be on drawing comparison between individuals but on comparing themselves with God’s Word.

Following are some of the ways one needs to follow in pursuit of spiritual growth:
  1. One of the most important ways to grow spiritually is spending your time with God. Study Him. Make prayers to Him. Tell Him about your concerns and fears. Pray for His guidance and help in order to follow His path.
  2. By asking for forgiveness. We all sin because we have a foe that hates us and hates God. Whenever you realize that you have committed any sinful act and displeased God, quit that act and ask for His forgiveness and cleansing at once.
  3. By sharing your experience of knowing God with others. It provides you with a chance to consolidate what you have known about God in your journey of spiritual growth so far. It will also make you feel satisfied when you share your journey with someone else.
  4. By elevating your trust and faith in God. It makes you stronger and stronger in your journey of spiritual growth.
  5. By decreasing the intensity and frequency of sins. It further cleans you internally.
  6. By keeping a mentor and spiritual coach. They do not tell you about what to do and what not to do. They are responsible for helping and guiding you in your walk with God. Having a mentor in your life helps you to understand more lucidly, what actually God is saying and what He wants you to be.
  7. By leading a healthy lifestyle. Look after your soul as well as your body as God is residing inside you.
  8. By meditating on God’s Word. It is important to keep thinking over the God’s Word and asking him to help you understand and practice it more.

The essence of spiritual maturity is to become effective and fruitful in the knowledge of God.

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